Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet, Cezanne, Matisse and O’Keeffe are some of the great masters we'll talk about during this hands-on painting class.  Students will be guided through each painting in a process that will not only teach your child about paint and how to apply it to the canvas, but also leave them with a knowledge of how to complete a painting and make a picture, become an art historian and learn fun and exciting art knowledge.

Each week we explore a different artist and/or a different theme. Learn Art History and the science of painting while we recreate fun and exciting paintings.  Students take home a completed piece of artwork at the end of each class.

Every class is different and if you have been attending Future Picassos Art Program for sometime we never paint the same painting twice. Have a look at our
  Painting Library   to see some of the examples of what we are painting.

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Future Picassos After School Program

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Schools That Have Loved Our Program!

Whitby School, Greenwich CT

Julian Curtiss Elementary School, Greenwich CT

North Mianus Elementary School, Greenwich, CT

Parkway Elementary School, Greenwich CT

ISD Elementary School, Greenwich CT

Old Greenwich Elementary School, Greenwich, CT

Riverside Elementary, Greenwich CT

North St. Elementary, Greenwich CT

Glenville Elementary School, Greenwich CT

Burr Elementary School, Fairfield CT

Roger Sherman Elementary School, Fairield CT

Riverfield Elementary School, Fairfield CT

NorthEast Elemenarty School, Stamford

Milton Elementary School, Rye NY
Osborn Elementary School, Rye NY
Ridge St. Elementary School, Rye Brook NY

Midland School, Rye NY

Fox Run School, Norwalk CT

Adding More Schools All the time!